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Vanity Vr1 Vibrating Duo Balls

Published on 18 Oct 2019 / In "Exercise" Vagina Balls / Ben-wa Balls

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https://www.pinkcherry.ca/coll....ections/kegel-tools- (PinkCherry Canada)

A unique, gorgeous, ultra pleasurable way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the Vr1 comes in the form of an exquisitely designed set of duo balls with all the innovation and sophistication of the entire Vanity line by Jopen. if you're unfamiliar with this type of toy, the Vr1 is a vaginal strengthening tool that follows the form of the ancient ben-wa ball, which has been used for centuries to provide pleasure while toning the muscles responsible for more control and greater pleasure during sex. The Vr1 was absolutely created with lots of pleasure in mind, the balls work to enhance the effects of kegels by vibrating as the pressure on them increases. Using a unique 'squeeze-me' technology, two pleasure points sense pressure and respond by activating vibration. The tighter you squeeze, the more intense the vibration; with a little practice and strong PC muscles, you'll be able to control the intensity perfectly by tightening and releasing these muscles. If you're through with your kegels for the day, and simply want to relax, the Vr1 doubles as a fantastic clitoral vibe, you'll be able to manually control vibration by pressing the pressure sensitive area on the bottom ball. Fully rechargeable, your duo balls will always be ready when you are, a charge of 4 hours is all you'll need to fully power up. Any traveler will love the lock feature, which ensures that your vibe will never turn on at an inopportune time, holding down the lock button located near the retrieval cord for a few seconds is all you'll need to lock your vibe, repeat to unlock. In terms of material, this vibe tips the scale of safety with satin smooth silicone that's completely hypoallergenic, extra hygienic, and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Silicone is nonporous and easy to clean, a quick wipe with a good toy cleaner will get the job done, or you can wash your vibe with soap and water. You'll want to keep your Vr1 safe and clean while not in use, and a soft drawstring storage bag is included to assist with this, it also makes the vibe easier to transport. As with any silicone toy, use a good quality water based lube with this vibe, avoid silicone formulas. Waterproof.

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