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Using Ben Wa Balls for Vaginal Tightening | Best Kegel Workout

Published on 18 Oct 2019 / In "Exercise" Vagina Balls / Ben-wa Balls

Kegel balls or also known as ben wa balls are sex balls that are the****utically used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to repair vaginal tissues that have been damaged for pretty much being stretched too much especially after giving birth. But of course, it is more than that. It is a sex ball - so it is supposed to enhance sexual activity and pleasure which acts as a vaginal ball massager and is best for women's kegel workout.

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Who doesn't want to have a toned vagina? Men do! (Wink) Kegel balls are beneficial for both men and women. Women can have a better control of their urinary bladder but more so, sexually, they will have an explosive orgasm.


So how does this kegel balls work? Simply insert the weighted balls into your vagina and move around. Clinched your both legs to have a contraction. That’s pretty much it! Its a combination of pleasure and pelvic floor exercises.

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