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Using Ben Wa Balls For The First Time | First Time Triple Love Balls | Kegel Balls Review

Published on 18 Oct 2019 / In "Exercise" Vagina Balls / Kegel Balls

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What exactly are kegel balls?
Kegel balls, also called Ben-Wa Balls, are small weighted devices that can help strengthen a woman’s vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

It has balanced weighted balls to purposely tighten the vagina and makes a girl have her climax easier. Since it is a ball, you can just simply insert the love balls into your vagina giving a natural massage as you move your legs and hips.

It has an easy retrieval cord that you can pull when you are done with your pelvic floor muscle exercise. It is very safe and easy to use, in fact, First Time Triple Love Ball is recommended for beginners because it is not intimidating but rather, best for kegel natural massage.

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First Time Triple Love Balls

How to use ben wa balls?
When using ben wa balls, start off by putting sex lubricant then slowly insert one ball then level up with two balls and third ball for maximum vaginal tightening. This is also recommended for foreplay sex and a masturbation sex toy.


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