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T0yFun ~Adult Toy Reviews~ The Ultimate Rabbit ~ Soft Touch TPU Silicone Rabit w/Perfectly Ears

Published on 18 Oct 2019 / In "Vibrators" Women & How-To / Rabbit Vibrators

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I got this rabbit vibrator for Dominique for her birthday. She loves it.

We test a lot of vibrators and personal wellness products at ToyFun. This was our first rabbit somehow. Dominique was kind of afraid of rabbit vibrators for some reason. I got it for her anyways and now she is a believer. Having experience with them before I knew she would love it. Whoever came up with the rabbit ears idea in the first place was a genius. You just can't hug the clit with any other shape quite as effectively.

This particular rabit by G.Romtic is better than all of the ones I have gotten for girlfriends in the past in that the ears are made of TPU silicone rubber rather than just plain old silicone. They are actually a bit more firm than silicone ears which helps give more stimulation to the clit.

The Phallic end is not too big and not too long. Dominique says she can hit her G-Spot and her clit at the same time. There are 2 little side bumps on the end which could be used to tickle the G-Spot if turned sideways.

I had fun using this on Dominique. The ears make hitting her clit very easy. It doesn't take any thought or wondering when to switch between the top or sides of her clit since it is all stimulated at the same time.

This one does appear to be a bit more waterproof than many I have seen. It is not waterproof, though. You could take it in the shower probably, but there are too many places where water can get in to make me trust it in the bathtub.

The modes work well. Dominique tends to stick with the Hi constant setting, but does venture into the other modes occasionally. There is only one mode, the last one, which is completely useless.

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