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Learn from a Sexual Health Educator: What Are Kegels & Kegel Exercisers?

Published on 18 Oct 2019 / In "Exercise" Vagina Balls / Ben-wa Balls


Your PC muscles include all the muscles in the penis, vagina, and anus. They’re the same muscles that support your internal organs like the bladder, uterus, and prostate. When you orgasm, these muscles contract quickly.

So, having stronger PC muscles not only keeps your organs where they should be but also helps you have STRONGER orgasms.

You may have heard about Kegel exercises and even done them once or twice. These are the exercises that strengthen the PC muscles. They’re important for everyone, regardless of gender, but especially if you’re pregnant or post-partum and if you’re getting older since muscle mass declines with age.

The problem is that most people do Kegel exercises wrong.

1. They squeeze a lot but don’t relax completely.

2. A tight muscle isn’t a strong one - think: a knot in your back or a charley horse in your leg.

3. Also, like any exercise, to get stronger, you add more weight.

4. Plus doing your Kegels can be hard to remember.

That’s where Kegel exercises like Kegel balls come in. [See Kegel balls here: http://www.mysecretluxury.com/....kegel-exercisers-vag

When you insert these and stand up, gravity tries to pull them out. You muscles automatically tighten around them to keep them in.

Unlike regular weights, the bigger the Kegel ball or bead, the lighter it is. This gives the vagina more surface area to hold on to. A lot of the sets come with multiple beads so you can work your way up as the muscles, and your orgasms, become stronger.

You might be thinking, “are Kegel balls the same as ben wa balls?”

Yes and no.

Both serve the same basic purpose: to help you strengthen your pc muscles. But Kegels balls are much more user-friendly. They usually have a string for easy removal and so they don’t pop up next to cervix and are difficult to get out.

If you have issues with pelvic pain, kegels exercises and exercisers are usually not a good idea. Check in with a pelvic floor physical therapist to see if Kegels are good idea for you.

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